Red Avenue Application and Test Center in Beijing

           Subsidiary to Red Avenue Chemical Co., Ltd, Beijing Red Avenue Innova Co., Ltd. is situated on BDA Enterprise Road of Beijing Economy and Technology Development Zone, its building area is 1500 square meters, the first stage toal investment is 50 million RMB.

       Beijing Red Avenue Innova Co., Ltd. is a professional research organization engaged in the development of the new materials based on rubber, plastic and petroleum, especially the researches on the functional new material, as well as the property testing and application. It also serves as an important platform for Red Avenue to provide customer service and information exchange.

       The team of Red Avenue Innova includes senior Chinese experts and leading industrial technicians specialized in rubber additive research and application, the foreign professors and experts engaged in the research in relevant fields and the researchers who returned from abroad.

       Red Avenue Innova has set up units for new material R&D, engineering test, chemical test and analysis, material property test and experiment, material application, as well as technical intelligence and information collection, which are equipped with advanced research and test equipments. It is a comprehensive technology R&D organization integrating the information collection and analysis, technology innovation, new product development, new material test and application. Furthermore, capitalizing on the scientific research and information advantages of Beijing, the Red Avenue Innova has strengthened the cooperation with scientific research institutes and colleges such as Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology to improve its scientific research level.

       In light of the company’s development status, the customer’s demand and development trend of the industry both home and abroad, the Red Avenue Innova will research and develop the new materials and new technology applicable to Chinese Market and provide most advanced products to our customers, as well as most reliable test data and most comprehensive services.


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Technical Cooperation and Development

            Red Avenue Innova commits itself to the researches on the functional high molecular synthetic material development and application, its key research area is the environment friendly additives used in the rubber and plastic industries, the processing additives to facilitate the production efficiency and reduce the energy consumption, as well as the special additives to improve the product quality and prolong the product’s service life.

       We welcome the customers to cooperate with our Red Avenue Innova to develop relevant technology or products, or jointly develop the additives with special functional requirements, as well as researches on additive application technologies.


Open Laboratory

         Beijing Red Avenue Innova Co., Ltd. has purchased advanced equipments respectively for the material research and test. In addition to the conventional experiment and test equipments, for example: Banbury mixer, plate vulcanizing machine and open mill for processing test; the INSTRON testing machine, the ALPHA MDR2000 rheometer, MV2000 Mooney viscometer, DMA tester, anti-ozone weatherometer, abrasion loss and heat-generation testing machine for material property test; the devices? for the material analysis include the HPLC system from Waters, the IR spectroscopic analysis machine produced by Thermo Electron Corporation, GC spectrometer produced by Agilent; the laboratory reacting kettle and high speed mixer for the material synthesis. In the meanwhile, we also have high-end devices and analysis test means to appraise the micro structure configuration and property of the new materials, including the transmission electron microscope, thermal analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance devices. They constitute a composite public test and research platform which is opened to and shared by our customers.

Material Test Services

           Besides the advanced test devices, Red Avenue Innova also has professional technicians who are proficient in test methods and material properties; therefore, we can carry out the micro structure configuration, chemical ingredient analysis, basic property test and product contrast test of various materials for customers and make an accurate evaluation on the test results.

Information Exchange and Services

           Based on our intelligence and information advantages and by virtue of our excellent technical cooperation with foreign suppliers, Red Avenue Innova will provide relevant product information exchange and consulting services and aperiodically organize technical seminar and exchange activities.

Environment Protection

           Beijing Red Avenue Innova responds actively to the social call of regional and global environments protection, pay close attention to the environment proper.“Environment protection ,Service at present, Benefit the future”is the mutual acknowledge of the team.All the suppliers have acquired ISO14001 Certificate. Since founding, Red Avenue commits itself to various environmental products’ promotion, collecting the information of advanced environmental additives, recommending to the clients brilliantly.

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